Distract-O-Vision Interview

While we were at Conclave of Gamers we were interviewed by Distract-O-Vision. We talked about the games that we've been making and they put together a great video that shows off the tables and games.

Dungeon Raiders 2

DISC is proud to announce a new game!
Dungeon Raiders 2 is a new version of Dungeon Raiders with better graphics and the addition of Adventure Rooms.

Conclave of Gamers 2016

We attended Conclave of Gamers

We brought two touch tables. One was free for walk-up play while the other was scheduled with specific board games that attendees could sign up for.

We got in a lot of sessions of our board game conversions and people got to try out our new games.
We had a lot of fun and met some people and companies that are interested in board game conversions.

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Touch Table Gaming

Dark Infinity Software creates board, card, dice, and action games for touch tables which allows people to play face-to-face while the computer sets up the game, keeps score and enforces rules.

DISC Launcher

Keep track of all your touch games and launch them from one location.

Dungeon Raiders 2

Explore dungeons, take on adventures, and avoid The Spider!
1-9 players
10-20 minutes

Pair Soup 2.0

Quickly find the identical images.
10 minutes

Pixel Glory

Step 1: Buy Spells. Step 2: Kill Monsters. Step 3: Bask in the Glory!
30-45 minutes

Spin Mummy Spin

Score the most points by trying to hit the mummy.
5-10 minutes

Sparks! 3

Restore power to all the faces on a cube in this puzzle game.
1 player
2-10 minutes

Twenty Questions Wrong

Be the first to answer 20 questions wrong in a row.
1-8 players
10-15 minutes

Egyptian Ratslap

Try to be the only player holding cards in the fast-paced, ever-changing card game.
2-10 players
5-10 minutes

High Score

Place the results of die rolls into a grid to get the high score!
1-6 players
10-15 minutes

Race to Klondike 5

Klondike with a fifth suit.
5-15 minutes

Bowling Solitaire

Multiplayer version of Sid Sackson's solitaire game.
20-30 minutes

Gem Thieves

Take the gems, but don't let the pile collapse.
30-45 minutes

Pet Store Detective

A memory game where you're trying to discover the missing pets.
5-10 minutes

Turn of Phrase

3-7 minutes

Up The River

A trick taking game where you are trying to take exactly your bid.
15-60 minutes

Word Hunt

Find the words in the grid.
5-10 minutes

Writer's Block

Find as many words as you can in the block of letters
3-15 minutes


A simple press your luck style dice game.
15-45 minutes

Fighter's Empire

Space action game with Android client controller.
20-30 minutes

Fire Platoon

Save the occupants of a building before it collapses.
1-8 players
10-20 minutes

Hansa Teutonica

Establish the best trading company in this popular european-style board game.
3-5 players
45-90 minutes

Dungeon Raiders

Adventurers press their luck in a dungeon.
2-8 players
5-15 minutes

The Battle Home

Several variants of the classic Parcheesi game.
4 players
10-30 minutes

Fas' Jack

Blackjack with rules in the player's favor. Who can get the best score after 10 hands?
2-10 players
5-10 minutes

Bloody Hearts

The classic game of Hearts with several common rule sets.
1-4 players
20-25 minutes

Got It!

Shoot the viruses with your upgradable laser.
2-4 players
2 minutes

Solitaire Dice

Solitaire dice game by Sid Sackson. Pick the right combos for the best score.
1-6 players
10-15 minutes


The original Yahtzee(TM).
1-8 players
10-15 minutes

Concentration Sweep

A mix of Memory and Minesweeper.
1-8 players
10-15 minutes

Bubble Defender

Defend your bubble from the evil grey sphere!
2-4 players
2-10 minutes