Dungeon Raiders

This is a "Press Your Luck"-style game. Players play as looters exploring a dungeon. The further in you go, the more loot you'll find, but the higher the risk that you'll lose everything you've collected that day. Leave early or take a risk? The player with the most loot after 5 days of exploring wins!

All players travel together and encounter rooms filled with loot or dangers. The loot is split up evenly and each player decides whether to press on to the next room or leave with their loot. If a type of danger is seen twice, players still in the dungeon lose all their loot.

When players decide to leave, they split more loot with everyone else who leaves. There are also bonuses for leaving alone, so guessing what the other players will do is critical.

Game Summary

Adventureers press their luck in a dungeon. Each round you decide whether to press on for more loot or return home to safety.
Computer Players
3-8 players
5-15 minutes


  • Windows XP+
  • Multi-touch input: TUIO or Windows 7/8 multi-touch
  • CPU: P4 or Core 2 Mobile
  • GPU: Intel HD
  • RAM: 512GB



Installation and detailed requirements

To install the game, run the installer and follow the prompts. Run the game executable or run the game launcher and select Dungeon Raiders

The game is intended to be played on a flat touch table. The player controls are arranged on the outside of the screen and players control the game by touching the stay or leave buttons. The game will play best if the touch surface can handle multi-touch.


All players enter the first Chamber. That Chamber's Gems are split as evenly as possible. If the Chamber had 12 Gems and there were 4 players, each player would get 3 Gems.

But if there were 5 players, each player would get 2 Gems and 2 Gems would stay in the Chamber. The Chamber will show "2" in it after the players visit it.

If the Chamber contains a Relic (a Chamber with a yellow icon), you must leave it alone for future archaeologists.

If the Chamber contains a Danger (a Chamber with a red icon) and it matches an exact type of Danger from an earlier Chamber, you drop your loot and run out! This one Chamber is then removed from the game.

Everyone remaining chooses to Stay or Leave.

  • If you Stay, you move on to the next Chamber.
  • If you Leave, you secure your loot in your camp.
    • Everyone who leaves splits the Gems left in the Chambers on the way back to the entrance.
    • If you leave alone, you can steal all of the Relics, too!
    • You return to The Temple on the next day.

The game starts with 3 of each of the 5 Danger Types in the set of Chambers.

Each day, one Relic is added to the game. If a Relic is seen but not taken, it is removed from the game. The first 3 Relics taken are worth 5 Gems. Each one taken afterwards is worth 10 Gems.

The winner is the player with the most Gems. Ties are broken by the player who has the most Relics.

At the entrance, you'll see two values. "Scared" is the chance that the next Chamber will match a Danger from a previous Chamber. "EV" is the expected value of staying. If "EV" is positive, you are more likely to make money by staying.


  • Nightmare Shuffle: Sometimes the Chambers are arranged such that you will be scared out before any Gems or Relics are revealed. Nightmare Shuffle treats these as a nightmare and reshuffles the Chambers.
  • High Gem Deck: Adds 33% more Gems!
  • +1 Relic: Starts the game with 1 Relic already in the set of Chambers. The game still adds one Relic at the start of each day.
  • -1 Danger Type: Removes one of the Danger Types from the set of Chambers.