DISC Launcher

This application is a launcher for other software.

The launcher displays and launchs all your touch games from one place. For each game in your collection, it displays a game icon, the number of players, play duration, and other game options. It can sort the games by name, or by number of players.

All DISC games come setup to work with the launcher, and with a little extra effort, other software can be added to the launcher as well.

This is a great option for a kiosk situation as the exit button can be removed from the screen.


Launch all your touch software from one place.


  • Windows XP+
  • GPU - Intel HD 3000+ or any modern video card

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Installation and detailed requirements

Detailed requirements

  • Input - Mouse, Windows HID or TUIO device.
  • OS - Windows XP or later
  • CPU - Core 2/i3 or M/Atom 1.6 GHz+
  • GPU - Intel HD 3000+ or any modern video card with DX9 support
  • RAM - 1 GB

Install and Setup

Run the installer and follow the prompts. You can install the launcher anywhere, but we recommend installing in a parent directory to your other touch software.



When the launcher is first started, it will search for games in the directory where it is installed. If this isn't where you installed the launcher, or you have games in more than one place, select "Edit Directories" and enter up to 10 directories to scan for games. These should be parent directories that have a directory for each game. For example, if you installed your games in both c:/program files/games and c:/program files (x86)/games/disc, you could add both those directories to the launcher.

Running Games

To play a game simply click on the game's box.


The launcher can sort the games alphabetically by name, by the maximum number of players, by games that can support a single player and by games that are cooperative.

Other options

  • Large Boxes: If you have a small number of games or a high resolution monitor, you can change the display to use large icons for the games
  • Show Unboxed Applications: The launcher will create an icon for all executable files in the game directories.
  • -touchOnly: Pass the -touchOnly parameter to games when they are launched. For DISC games, -touchOnly will disable the mouse.
  • -kiosk: Pass the -kiosk parameter to games when they are launched. For DISC games, -kiosk will start the game in fullscreen mode and will remove the "Toggle Fullscreen" buttons from the games
  • -noSplash: Pass the -noSplash parameter to games when they are launched. For DISC games, -noSplash will skip the splash screens as the game starts up.

Customizing other applications

To make your own icons for non-DISC software, you will need an image to use as the icon for the application. Place that image in the application's directory and then create an XML file like the one below. Put both the PNG and the XML file into the non-DISC application's root directory.