Figher's Empire

Take your fighters and starbases into the enemies territory, and press further into their territory with every victory.

Use an included (and required) Android app to control your spaceship. Manage your ship's system and power levels while shooting enemy ships and dodging bullets.

Game Summary

Space action game with Android client controller.
1-4 players
20-30 minutes


  • Windows 7+
  • Android phone/tablet per player

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Installation and detailed requirements

Detailed requirements

Game requires one PC with the following hardware:
  • OS - Windows 7 or later
  • CPU - Core 2/i3 or M/Atom 1.6 GHz+
  • GPU - Intel HD 3000+ or any modern video card with DX9 support
  • RAM - 1 GB
Also requires one Android tablet/phone per player. OS version 4+.

Install and Setup

Run the installer and follow the prompts. If you are using the DISC launcher, install to a directory you have added to the launcher. The launcher will detect the game.

The install will include a file named FightersEmpire.apk. You need to install that APK onto each player's android device. Search online for instructions for installing 3rd party APKs on your device.


Instructions TBD