Pet Store Detective

A pet store has been robbed and it is the player's job to figure out which pets are missing before the clock strikes midnight

Take turns revealing two tiles that have pictures of the pets that are still in the store. If you find a match those tiles disapear and you get another turn. If you flip over a clock, an hour passes.

At midnight, the player's have to decide which pet tiles aren't still in the store.

Game Summary

A memory game where you're trying to discover the missing pets.
2-5 players
10-15 minutes


  • Windows 7+

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Installation and detailed requirements

Detailed requirements

Game requires one PC with the following hardware:
  • OS - Windows 7 or later
  • CPU - Core 2/i3 or M/Atom 1.6 GHz+
  • GPU - Intel HD 3000+ or any modern video card with DX9 support
  • RAM - 1 GB

Install and Setup

Run the installer and follow the prompts. If you are using the DISC launcher, install to a directory you have added to the launcher. The launcher will detect the game.


The game includes instructions on the main screen.