Touch Table Gaming

Dark Infinity Software creates games that are best when played on a Touch Table. A Touch Table is a large, horizontal, touch-enabled surface.

The screen can be an LCD TV with a touch sensor, or custom hardware. As long as the screen can connect to a Windows PC and send TUIO or Windows HID events, it can play our games.

Players sit around the table and interact with the game by touch. There are no mice or keyboards needed for our games. Our games often provide individual controls for each player:

Hansa Teutonica. A board game conversion where each player has individual controls but the action happens on a shared board.
Multi-player PairSoup. Everyone works together to find matches
Multi-player PokerSquares. Everyone has their own board.

Touch tables can be purchased from Mesa Mundi or other hardware companies and can use IR, capacitance or a camera to detect touches. You can create your own touch table by simply adding the touch sensor to an existing TV and connecting it to a computer.

Along with our games, you can use d20 Pro to play Dungeons and Dragons style role playing games. You can also attach a device running android to play Android games on the big screen.