Pixel Glory

Computer version of the board game. Players control mages fighting mosters in a dungeon. In the first phase, players draft cards to make up their spell deck. In the second phase, players take turns using their spells to damage monsters. However, players only get points for delivering the killing blow.

Use your phone or tablet to control your mage and manage your hand of spell cards.

Game Summary

Step 1: Buy Spells. Step 2: Kill Monsters. Step 3: Bask in the Glory!
2-4 players
30-45 minutes


  • Windows 7+
  • One computer/tablet/phone per player

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Installation and detailed requirements

Detailed requirements

Players can play around any computer with a phone/tablet for each player.

The phone/tablets need a modern web browser (Chrome and Safari both work).

  • OS - Windows 7 or later
  • CPU - Core 2/i3 or M/Atom 1.6 GHz+
  • GPU - Intel HD 3000+ or any modern video card with DX9 support
  • RAM - 1 GB

Install and Setup

Run the installer and follow the prompts. If you are using the DISC launcher, install to a directory you have added to the launcher. The launcher will detect the game.


When the game is run the first time, it will be in "tutorial" mode. This mode will teach you the game.