Hansa Teutonica

Hansa Teutonica is a conversion of the board game for a touch table. 3-5 players act as traders trying to get victory points for building a network of offices, controlling cities, collecting bonus markers or for other traders using the cities they control. After controlling a road between two cities, you can decide to build an office or to get a skill improvement from some of the cities.

Players have to improve their traders' "skills" for the following effects: getting more VP from offices in their network, getting more available action points, increasing the number of available pawns, and getting the right to place pawns and get more special pawns.

The game sets up the board, enforces the rules, keeps track of the points and moves the pieces. Players use intuitive touch controls to perform their turns.

Game Summary

Touch table version of the popular euro-style board game. Act as a trader trying to become the most respected member of the Hanseatic League.
3-5 players
45-90 minutes


  • Windows XP+
  • CPU: P4 or Core 2 Mobile
  • GPU: Intel HD
  • RAM: 512GB



Installation and detailed requirements

To install the game, run the installer and follow the prompts. Run the HansaTeutonica executable or run the game launcher and select Hansa Teutonica.

The game is intended to be played on a flat touch table. The player controls are arranged on the outside of the screen and players control the game by touching their pieces and the board. Only one simultaneous touch is required, but there are some shortcut controls that use two touches.

The game will work with mouse, TUIO or Windows HID inputs.


Video instructions for the touch table game:

Video instructions for the board game:

Full rules to the board game: HTML Rules Download PDF