Fire Platoon

Fire Platoon is a cooperative real-time firefighting game. Players use web-capable devices to control one of up to eight firefighters who are trying to rescue the victims in a burning building.

The action plays out on a large central screen that displays the building, the fire, victims, firefighters, the firetruck and ambulance, etc.

Players connect to the game over Wi-Fi or LAN by using a web-capable phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Any modern browser will work (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE). Either scan the QR code, or manually enter the URL to connect to the game. Once connected, all the player's controls are on the webpage.

Players pick one of eleven firemen. Each fireman is different - some have unique abilities that only they can perform while others are better at firefighting or rescuing victims.

There are several different maps to play on, each with its own set of challenges. The difficulty is fully configurable so that you can make the game as easy or as challenging as you would like.

Game Summary

Real-time fire fighting! Control one of eleven specialist firefighters and save the occupants of a building before it collapses.
Play on device
1-8 players
10-20 minutes


  • Windows PC and 1-8 web capable devices
  • CPU: Core 2
  • GPU: Intel HD 2000
  • RAM: 1GB

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Installation and detailed requirements

Detailed requirements

Game requires one Windows PC with the following hardware:
  • Input - Mouse or TUIO or Windows HID
  • OS - Windows XP or later
  • CPU - Core 2/i3 or M/Atom 1.6 GHz+
  • GPU - Intel HD 2000 or equivalent with 256 MB of video RAM and OpenGL Support
  • RAM - 1 GB
  • Network - Must be on the same network as the player devices. Must be able to open the firewall for port 8080
One web-capable device per player with the following capabilities:
  • Network - Must be on the name network as the computer running the game
  • Browser - Must support web sockets (IE 10+, Firefox 6+, Chrome 14+, Safari 6+, Opera 12.1+, iOS Safari 6+, Android 4.4 browser, Chrome for android, Firefox for Android, IE Mobile, Blackberry)
Any of the following devices will work:
  • A laptop with any modern browser
  • iPad or iPhone 4 or later
  • Windows tablet
  • Android 4.4 tablet or phone
  • Any Android tablet or phone with Chrome or Opera installed
  • Another PC/Mac/Linux computer

Install and Setup

Run the installer and follow the prompts. Make sure that your computer is connected to the same network as your devices. This will usually mean making sure that all the phones/tablets the players are using are connected to your home wifi instead of the cell network.

Run the TableOfFun executable and select Fire Platoon.

This will prompt you for permission to open your firewall. This is REQUIRED! The game will not be able to communicate with the client devices if you don't open the firewall.

Connect player's devices by opening a web browser on each device and navigating to the address shown below the QR code on the screen. (This will often be http://10.0.0.x:8080 or http://192.168.0.x:8080). If you have a device with a camera and QR code reader, you can simply scan the QR code.


Here are some common problems:
  • If some devices can connect, but others can't, they may not be on the right network (using the cell network for example), or they may not have a new enough web browser.
  • If no devices can connect: Make sure that your home network router or modem doesn't have any extra firewalls or security that would block port 8080


Playable Characters

IconNameDescriptionUnique/Easy Ability
FiremanWell rounded firefighter who does everything quickly.25% faster.
Foam SpecialistQuickly put out fires.Easy: Extinguish.
Harder: Everything else.
"Legs"Quickly gets to and carries victims to safety.Easy: Move, Chop;
Harder: Extinguish.
"Wheels"Quickly fires the deck gun and is an expert driver.Easy: Drive; Deck Gun.
Thermal ImagerRemotely identifies potential victims.Unique: Image POI.
MedicTreats victims so they can follow firefighters.Unique: Heal/Treat Victim;
Harder: Extinguish.
CaptainOrders firefighters to move.Unique: Command.
VeteranAvoids being knocked out by fire and
assists nearby firefighters.
Unique: Dodge; Assist.
Hazmat TechQuickly neutralizes hazardous materials.Unique: Neutralize HazMat.
"The Hammer"Repairs damaged walls and slows the spread of fire.Unique: Repair Wall, Remove Risk;
Harder: Extinguish.
S&R DogQuickly searches for and rescues victims.
Can't open doors, extinguish fires, etc; it's a dog.
Unique: Squeeze;
Easier: Carry.


IconUse For
All actions
Move actions
Extinguish actions
Command action
(Auto) Dodge fire that appears in your space


Special abilities available to only some firefighters are highlighted blue

Move1 Move AP
Move into any adjacent space that isn't on fire.
Move Into Fire2 Move APs
Move into any adjacent space that is on fire.
Open Door1 Move AP
Open the adjacent door.
Close Door1 Move AP
Close the adjacent door.
Squeeze2 Move APs
You can squeeze through cracks in damaged walls. You cannot lead or carry victims through cracks.
Move With Item2 Move APs
Drag an item into any adjacent space that isn't on fire.
Move With Heavy Item3 Move APs
Drag a heavy item into any adjacent space that isn't on fire.
Pickup VictimFree
Carry a victim. You may only carry 1 victim or item at a time. You may pickup a victim that is currently carried by another player. A victim carried to an ambulance is rescued. NOTE: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE INTO FIRE.
Pickup ItemFree
Pickup an item in your space (e.g. HazMat, Ladder). You may only carry 1 item or victim item at a time. You may pickup an item carried by another player. HazMat that is carried outside is immediately neutralized and removed.
Drop ItemFree
Drop the item you are carrying into your space.
Treat Victim1 AP
Heals the current victim so that they can follow firefighters (using the Lead Victim command).
Lead VictimFree
Lead a healed victim. It costs no extra movement points to lead a victim. You may lead a victim another player is leading or carrying. You can swap between carrying and leading this victim. A victim lead to an ambulance is rescued. NOTE: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE INTO FIRE.
Leave VictimFree
Leave behind a victim you are leading.
Extinguish1 Extinguish AP
Used on your current or an adjacent space, this calms fire into smoke or removes smoke. Smoke adjacent to fire will eventually ignite.
Chop Wall2 APs
Damage an adjacent wall. If a structural wall is damaged twice, you can walk through it. This reduces the building's structural integrity and cannot be used if it would cause the building to collapse.
Drive2 Move APs
If you board the firetruck, you can drive it to other locations. A driver is always in the Ambulance; radio him to tell him where to go. When an ambulance arrives at a space, it will rescue any victims that are already there.
Board VehicleFree
Enter the vehicle. In this example, you would enter the firetruck.
Leave VehicleFree
Exit the vehicle. In this example, you would exit the ambulance.
Crew ChangeAll APs
Switch to any other character type that is not currently being played.
Fire Deck Gun4 APs
Picks a random space in the firetruck's range (within the dotted lines) and sprays it and the adjacent spaces with water.
Fire Deck Gun (+1)2 APs
Picks the best of two random spaces in the firetruck's range (within the dotted lines) and sprays it and the adjacent spaces with water.
Command1 Command AP
Sends a Move AP to any human character. This Move AP will be used at the receiving player's first opportunity.
Image POI1 AP
Uses various sensors in an imaging device to determine what is at a Point of Interest.
Clear HazMat1 AP
Neutralizes a hazardous material in this space.
Reduce Risk1 AP
Removes the risk token in this space. Represents the removal of materials which cause the fire to spread quickly. (Smoke spreads twice when one of these spaces are hit.)
Repair Damaged Wall2 APs
Repairs a damaged wall so that it supports the structure better. Adds one point back to the structural integrity of the building. NOTE: YOU CANNOT BE STANDING ADJACENT TO FIRE.
Reveal AdjacentFree
You reveal POIs that are one space away from you.
Watchful AuraFree
Automatically protects visible firefighters from being knocked over by fire erupting into their space. Visibility is up to 3 spaces away but not through walls, smoke, or fire.
Helpful AuraFree
Automatically helps visible firefighters with one action point per round. Visibility is up to 3 spaces away but not through walls, smoke, or fire.