Pair Soup

Quickly touch pairs of identical objects to score points. As you find matches, the game adds more and more objects to find. Play cooperatively with as many friends as can fit! Or play one-at-a-time to see who can get the best score on the high score table.

A short, fast paced game that draws people in. Comes with seven sets of images and you can add your own images to the game.

Game Summary

Cooperative match finding game that plays as many people as can fit around your table!
Unlimited players
5-10 minutes


  • Windows 7+
  • Multi-touch input: TUIO or Windows 7/8
  • CPU: P4 or Core 2 Mobile
  • GPU: Intel HD
  • RAM: 512GB


Installation and detailed requirements

To install the game, run the installer and follow the prompts. Run the PairSoup executable or run the game launcher and select Pair Soup.

The game is intended to be played on a touch table. Players should be able to stand around or below the screen and reach most of the screen. The screen should support at least 6 simultaneous touches since many players could be finding a match at the same time.



Start by selecting a set of icons to play with. Press the yellow arrows to change sets (and high score tables). The game is delivered with the following image sets: Animals, "Colors and Patterns", Food, "In the Kitchen", Outlines, "World Flags", Outlines, and Skulls.


Find two identical icons (both in shape and color) and touch both simultaneously. Alternatively, you can press down on one icon, drag your finger over to the second icon, and release (this is necessary when using a mouse). You score 100 points for finding a pair and an additional bonus equal to twice the seconds remaining.

Once you've touched a symbol, as long as that original finger keeps touching the screen, no matter where that finger is, it still counts. This is useful if your screen is wider than your arm span.

After you've found all of the matching icons, the next level begins with even more icons to find! This will add a little bit of time to the countdown timer. Once your time is up, the game is over!